Compliance training as interactive online course

Compliance topics brought to the point in a clear and concise manner.

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Compile your compliance training according to your needs

Our Compliance Online Course is modular in structure, as the compliance content can vary from company to company, for example in the areas of Code of Conduct, diversity, money laundering, export control or fraud.

You assemble your content individually... we create the e-learning: of course adapted to your compliance guidelines and your corporate design.

You can then run the final online training course including a test via your learning management system in your company or in our cloud... or both.

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The course contents of the Compliance Training

IS-FOX online compliance trainings have been created together with compliance officers for several years and are continuously optimized and extended.

Compliance Basics
  • What does compliance mean? Why is compliance important?
  • Compliance topics at a glance
  • Introduction of the Compliance Team (contact person)
Gifts and benefits
  • The difference between invitations and gifts
  • Rules for giving and accepting
  • Dealing with invitations
  • Special rules for officials and elected officials
  • What counts as fraudulent actions: Bribery, falsification of documents, fraud, embezzlement, deliberate breach of process, etc.)
  • How can such actions occur?
  • How can such acts be combated?
  • Possible signs of fraud
  • Reporting Fraud Cases
Diversity / General Equality Act
  • Who and what is protected by the General Equality Act
  • What is covered by the General Equality Act
  • Who can be contacted in case of violations
Conflicts of interest
  • What are conflicts of interest
  • What types of conflicts of interest are there
  • How to resolve conflicts of interest
Antitrust Law
  • What is a cartel? Difference horizontal and vertical cartels
  • When does cooperation with other companies become questionable under antitrust law?
    What are 'No Gos': hardcore agreements
  • Committee and association work - What is o.k.? What is prohibited?
Export Control
  • Basics on export control: who is prohibited and what can be controlled
  • What are the penalties for violations
  • Country and personal embargoes
  • Products and their use: what is "dual use"? Which products are affected

If you also don't have a learning management system for our course content yet, we can offer you our IS-FOX learning management system.

And if you first want to understand what a learning management system is for and why they all speak Scorm, we recommend our know-how article on e-learning fundamentals

Customization options? Prices? References?

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