Occupational safety online training

Occupational safety in the company explained simply and to the point. As e-learning with certificate.

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Why an instruction on occupational safety?


The aim of our e-learning course on the topic of occupational safety and instruction on occupational safety is to inform you and your employees about the possible dangers in the daily life of your company and to prepare you accordingly. With us, you will not only learn the basics of occupational safety, how to prevent accidents at work and how to act in case of emergency, but you will also receive useful tips and tricks on health and ergonomics at work (at your mobile workplace) and safety in special areas.


How do our occupational safety training courses and online occupational safety briefings work?


Our e-learning and digital occupational safety training courses can be customized, assembled, and added to, making them easily applicable across all industries - from office and medical to manufacturing and mining.


For whom are these online instructions on occupational safety designed?


The basics of accident prevention, behavior in the event of an emergency, as well as health and ergonomics in the workplace - are, in our opinion, topics that not only concern the company physician or the respective fire protection assistants and first aiders.

Customize occupational safety training

The occupational safty training is modular and contains the chapters basics, accident prevention, behavior in case of emergency (fire, evacuation, first aid), as well as health and ergonomics at the workplace.

The digital content of the training can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted and extended to your individual company situation, whether you want to train protective measures in the office, in the medical sector, in production or in mining.

You can run the finalized online training for employees at your company or in our cloud - or both, if you wish.

Graphic illustration of an occupational safety and health e-learning

The contents of the online training on occupational safety

The online training was created jointly by e-learning specialists and occupational safety specialists and is continuously optimized and enhanced with the help of customer feedback.

Occupational safety basics
  • How many accidents occur each year
  • When are accidents classified as occupational or commuting accidents?
  • What are the different areas of occupational safety?
  • Important safety signs and their meaning
  • Contact persons for occupational safety
Accident prevention
  • Prevention of accidents at work (cabling, walkways, climbing aids, transport aids, etc.)
  • Preparation for emergencies
  • Accident prevention in the production area
  • Alcohol and narcotics
  • Smoking
  • Reporting channels in the event of an accident at work
In case of emergency
  • Company first aiders
  • Correct behavior during first aid and emergency calls
  • Correct behavior in case of fire
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • Own attempts to extinguish small fires
Health and ergonomics
  • Health at the workplace: proper sitting, light exposure, movement, ventilation, proper wearing
  • Ergonomics at the mobile workplace / in the home office
  • Prevention in the workshop / in production
Optional: Occupational safety in your special area

Individual chapter for training in your special field, for example

  • Processing of chemical substances
  • Energy generation
  • High-security data center
  • Mine
  • Etc.

If you also don't have a learning management system for our course content yet, we can offer you our IS-FOX learning management system.

And if you first want to understand what a learning management system is for and why they all speak Scorm, we recommend our know-how article on e-learning fundamentals

Customization options? Prices? References?

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