Increase security awareness in the company

Sensitize your employees, managers, administrators and developers.

Examples of our award-winning campaigns

Up to 90% of cyber security risks are sitting in front of the screen.

 Mostly out of lack of knowledge.
Users click on phishing emails, use easy-to-crack passwords and do not lock their PC.
This graphic shows the risks of cyber security
Managers are not aware of their responsibility and perceive security as disturbing and obstructive.
Admins and Developer
Administrators use weak passwords and do not patch their systems.  Developers allow vulnerabilities in the code through wrong software design.
This graphic shows the risks of cyber security

Security Awareness for users and managers

Security awareness for employees and managers has been around for many years, either as individual measures or - better, because more effective - coordinated in a security awareness campaign.

In the following, we will present you numerous security awareness modules, but we will also say straight away: Security Awareness is a continuous process. Why? Please read our Success Story with Lanxess.

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Building blocks of a successful security awareness campaign

Icon for intranet
Intranet Portal
For us the foundation of all measures. Here is everything your employees need to know about security. Without technical terms, but with security videos, guidelines, policies and contact persons.
Icon on how to inspire people live
Showing presence
There is de facto nothing better than live hacking, classroom training and online seminars. And we can tell you which of these work really well.
Go to Training and Events
Icon for online course (E-Learning)
E-Learning Courses
Exciting, international, always there, cost-efficient and always auditable. From a certain company size on, there is no getting around it.
Go to Cyber Security E-Learning
Icon for phishing-simulations
Phishing Simulations
Regular phishing tests significantly reduce the risk of a successful attack and at the same time increase the willingness to report suspicious activities. Today, they are almost 'part of good manners'.
Go Phishing
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Awareness Videos
The salt in the soup. They simply fit everywhere, whether in events, e-learning courses, newsletters, security apps or in the intranet portal. The most important messages in countless channels.
Watch the Videos
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Logo, Poster, Gadgets, Apps
Different toppings to "spice" and "sprinkle over". We can do it all, we think it's good, but only in combination with a campaign. Because otherwise it doesn't help. We even provide a SecurityINFO app.

Fancy an awareness campaign?

We show you how we won the Digital Leader Awards in Cyber Security with Lanxess.

Security Awareness for Administrators and Developers

Our Incident Response operations show one thing very clearly: it is by no means always just the 'dumb user' who has been tricked by a phishing e-mail. It is also IT professionals who, out of sheer unawareness or a certain 'laxity', do not adequately secure their systems.

  • Administrators who do not harden or regularly patch their systems before going live, use the same accounts for different tasks and systems, often even with the same passwords.
  • Developers who do not properly validate user input, use vulnerable session management or do not have their code analyzed for security vulnerabilities before production release.
Graphic illustration of a cyber LAB