Out of the policy, into the heads!

We qualify your employees in cyber security, data protection and compliance.

The secret of our success

Specialist, didactics expert and agency in one.
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Security Specialist
Content from experts...
Thanks to our security consultants, incident response specialists and data protection experts, we know where the shoe really pinches.
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Marketing Specialist
...translated into simple messages...
We eliminate complexity and foreign words... and get to the point: crisp, understandable, comprehensible, always with concrete tips. That's why it also sticks.
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E-Learning Specialist
...from our own multimedia agency.
Our highly professional multimedia team creates the IS-FOX products itself: from storyboard, animation and graphic design to production. Therefore we are able to individualize our Best-Practise Standard very fast.
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> 15

Years of experience in awareness raising and training of users and IT staff.
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satisfied customers, including 50% of the German DAX corporations and hundreds of medium-sized companies.
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>1 Mio.

trained employees at home and abroad, through face-to-face events, webinars or e-learning.
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of 5 stars in feedback, even for data protection and compliance trainings.

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