Please not always the same data protection training

How to repackage the same GDPR content into exciting online courses.

The GDPR is now a few years old and almost every company has trained its employees online on the topic of data protection. In the majority of companies, this data protection training is even mandatory every year, which doesn't really lift the acceptance and mood of the participants. "Oh man, this training again? How often am I supposed to do that?" is a frequent and not unjustified complaint.

On the other hand, data protection has become very important, especially due to the GDPR, and the numerous data breaches prove every day anew that data protection awareness training is still absolutely necessary. How can you solve this dilemma?

We've come up with an ingenious solution and added a refresher path to our online data protection training.

How would you like it? Quick or thorough?

We ask every e-learning participant at the beginning of the training, "How would you like it? Quick or thorough?"

We assume by now that really everyone has attended a training session on the GDPR (unless he or she is fresh out of school/university), so a large proportion will choose the new refresher path. This consists 100% of interactive exercises that bring data protection knowledge out of the far back left shelf of the brain and activate it again. In typical, but also challenging everyday scenarios, participants can review how good their knowledge of personal data, data protection basics, principles, etc. is and whether this knowledge is sufficient to pass the test.

At the end of each refresher chapter, we summarize all the important data protection content once again. And for each of these summaries, the e-learning participant can now decide whether he or she feels fit again in this chapter or whether he or she would like to take another look at the associated basics. In this way, each participant determines his or her desired learning intensity for each chapter anew. Beginners who have overdone it a bit with the refresher path can also switch permanently to the basics path.

Top feedback for data protection e-learning courses

This concept of "refresher with option for more in-depth training" receives a really enthusiastic response from employees, because they can complete a 60-minute data protection training course in 25 minutes in the refresher, and that only through data protection scenarios, interactive exercises, and a multiple-choice test. Due to the didactic structure of the exercises, the participants do not even notice that they are learning, consolidating and deepening their knowledge once again.

We are convinced that this concept will also become popular in our training courses on compliance, safety and health at work, and cyber security.

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