Learning Management System

Deliver your course content to your target audience easily and cost-effectively: with user management, invitation management and statistics.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The IS-FOX learning management system is a lean and cost-effective LMS solution:

  • You can import your Scorm compatible e-learning course or alternatively create your own course using an HTML editor.
  • You import the e-mail addresses of the users who are to take the e-learning course via an Excel file.
  • You adapt the e-mail invitation texts and then send an invitation to the imported e-mail addresses via the IS-FOX learning management system.
Illustration of an e-learning environment

Users simply register with their e-mail address and complete the course. If this does not happen after a certain period of time, they will be reminded automatically. After passing the test they can create a certificate.

As the person in charge, you can view the participation statistics at any time and create an Excel export. Of course the appearance of the e-learning system will be adapted to the corporate design of your company with your logo and corporate colors.

Our learning management platform is very well suited for:

Visualization of learning success
Companies without LMS
Small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own in-house LMS. You need no installations, only a web browser. And receive a cloud service from a German data center in accordance with GDPR.
Visualization of learning success
Larger companies that are considering the procurement and introduction of a comprehensive LMS, but still want to offer courses until then without investing "in the wrong direction".
Visualization of learning success
Large companies with their own LMS, but also with many subsidiaries that have no access to the in-house LMS. These can be served perfectly parallel via the IS-FOX E-Learning System.

You can watch the IS-FOX learning management system live here: https://training.is-fox.de/isfox/. Please contact us for a demo access.

Do you want more information about the basic structure of e-learning courses, learning management systems and Scorm standards? You can find it on our know-how pages.

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Learning Management System Login
Learning Management System course selection
Learning Management System: create own content
Learning Management System: Admin menu with dashboard
Learning Management System: Admin menu user management
Learning Management System Login customized to company layout

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