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Awareness Videos Demos

Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu Phishing
How can you detect phishing mails and suspicious links? And then what do you do?
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu Social Engineering
Social Engineering
What exactly is Social Engineering? How do attackers act and how can you fend off such attacks?
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Sicher im Home-Office"
Secure Home Office
How do you increase security when working from home office? The video gives concrete tips.

Currently available cyber security videos

The videos are constantly updated and extended by new topics.:

  • Why Information Security?
  • Anatomy of a cyber attack (9 min film)
  • Detect and fend off phishing
  • Phishing attacks on Office 365
  • Permitted and prohibited Cloud Services
  • Secure handling of passwords
  • The benefits of Password Managers
  • The benefits of a multifactor authentication
  • Classify and protect information
  • Recognizing and fending off social engineering
  • CEO Fraud / President Scam detection and defense
  • Increase security at the workplace
  • Safe on the road / mobile working
  • Secure in the home office
  • Security in production environments
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Effectiveness of virus scanner
  • Dangerous file extensions
  • Viruses on smartphones and tablets
  • Internet of things / Smart Devices
  • PCI - Handling of credit card data
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Datenschutz-Grundlagen"
Data Protection Basics
What is personal data and when and for what purpose may it be collected? The video is going to explain it to you.
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Datenschutz-Grundsätze"
Data Protection Principles
The principles of the GDPR explained crisp and simple: purpose limitation, data minimization, storage limitation.
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Sozialen Daten"
Data Prot. in Social Media
Tips for secure handling of personal data on the Internet: personal data minimization, privacy settings in apps.

Currently available data protection videos

The videos are constantly updated and extended by new topics:

  • GDPR data protection basics
  • The differences between GDPR and other laws
  • The principles of data protection
  • Data protection requirements
  • Data protection and confidentiality
  • Data protection in social networks
  • Correct handling of social data
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Compliance-Grundlagen"
Compliance - Basics
What exactly is compliance and why is it so important for companies?
Thumbnail eines Erklärvideos zu "Kartellrecht"
Compliance - Antitrust Law
What is a cartel? Differences horizontal / vertical cartels. When does cooperation become questionable? What are No Gos?

Currently available Compliance Videos

The videos are constantly updated and extended by further topics:

  • Compliance Basics
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Gifts and Invitations
  • Diversity: General Equality Law
  • Antitrust Law
  • Fraud
  • Export Control

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