Competence in Security

Information Security, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Compliance, BCM

IS-FOX: the product line of HvS-Consulting AG

We are specialist, didactic expert and agency in one.
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Security Specialist
... where the know-how comes from.
Our security consultants, incident responders, penetration testers and data protection experts know exactly the reasons for data breaches and successful cyber attacks.
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Marketing Specialist
... here it gets understandable.
Our marketing experts eliminate complexity and technical terms from the topics, making them understandable and comprehensible. And that is why it stays in people's mind.
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Multimedia Specialist
... and here it gets chic.
Our multimedia team turns it into videos and e-learning offers: from storyboarding, animation and graphic design to production. Modern, entertaining and always with a dash of humor.

About HvS-Consulting

Since 2002 we have been advising corporations and medium-sized companies on all aspects of cyber security. Our core competencies include information security management according to ISO 27001, prevention of industrial espionage, defense against cyber attacks (incident response), penetration tests as well as sensitization of employees to cyber security, data protection and compliance. Since 2004 we have bundled our product range under the brand IS-FOX.

Among other things, we are a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security and regularly exchange information on cyber security with national security authorities. 

Our office is located in Garching, north of Munich, about 15 minutes from Munich Airport.

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