Cyber security in the medical sector

Cyber security e-learning courses specifically for medical staff and hospitals

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Customise your own course

The e-learning courses have been developed by real cyber security specialists, with content and examples from the clinical environment. You can either choose one of our "best practice" compilations or customise your cyber security training - both of course adapted to your guidelines and corporate design.

You can run the finished online training course in your own learning management system in the company or in our cloud, naturally from a German data centre in accordance with the EU GDPR.

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The chapters to select

Why cyber security (in the medical sector)?
  • The importance of cyber security in the hospital environment
  • The potential impact of an attack
  • The role of each individual in protecting information
  • Tips on correct behaviour
What do attackers do?
  • Film: Anatomy of a cyber attack
  • Who are the attackers?
  • What are their targets?
E-mail & phishing
  • Recognising and fending off phishing
  • Encrypting sensitive information
  • Viruses and Trojans in emails
Microsoft 365 phishing
  • Recognising and fending off Microsoft 365 phishing
  • Microsoft 365 Safe Link
  • Typical Microsoft 365 phishing scams
  • Multi-factor authentication in Microsoft 365
  • What is ransomware and why is it so dangerous?
  • Tips for protection in the company
  • Tips for protecting private IT
Dangerous file extensions
  • Which file extensions tend to be harmless and which are bad?
  • Tip: Display file extensions
  • Dealing with macros
Viruses & malware
  • How do virus scanners work and what can they recognise?
  • Residual risks
  • Malware on different platforms
  • Which protection software for the home?
Behaviour in an emergency
  • What is a cyber incident?
  • What should you do in the event of a cyber incident?
  • Spectacular cases of cyber security attacks
  • Who should you contact in an emergency?
  • How does password cracking work?
  • Create and remember strong passwords
  • Keep passwords safe
Password management
  • What are the benefits of password managers?
  • Differences between commercial and free offerings
  • Functions using the example of KeePass
Multi-factor authentication
  • What does multi-factor authentication mean?
  • Why is it so good?
  • What types are there?
  • Residual risks
Social engineering
  • What is social engineering?
  • Unmasking attacks on employees
  • Social engineering attacks on private individuals
CEO fraud
  • How do CEO fraud attackers proceed?
  • React correctly
  • Expose attacks
Safe workplace
  • Clean Desk: Locking down PCs and offices
  • Disposal of sensitive information
  • Dealing with visitors
Safe business trips
  • Sensitive information in public
  • Secure working on the move
  • Loss of mobile devices
  • Use of non-company devices
Smartphones & Tablets
  • Which devices should you use antivirus protection for?
  • Difference between iOS and Android
  • Tips for dealing with company devices
  • Tips for dealing with private devices
Safe in the home office
  • Company data only on company devices
  • Secure handling of IT in the home office
  • Do not use public cloud services
  • Web meetings or telephone tips
Protect sensitive information
  • Confidentiality classes
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Need-to-know principle
  • Handling sensitive information
Internet & Cloud
  • Differences in cloud solutions
  • Which ones can be used?
  • Secure exchange of large files
  • Copyright and image sources
Social media
  • Social media business model
  • Behaviour as an employee in social media
  • Privacy in social media
  • Social media as a source of information for attackers

If you would like to understand what a learning management system is for and why they all speak Scorm, we recommend our know-how article E-learning basics.

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