Security training for administrators and developers

Modern online courses with own lab environment for practical exercises.

LAB E-Learning - the best of two worlds

Security trainings for administrators and developers are much more challenging than the classical employee trainings:

  • The effects of non-security-conscious behavior are not as easy and striking to illustrate as clicking on a virus-infected attachment. Participants need much more background information about the actions of attackers to understand the impact of their own behavior.
  • The required behavioral changes ("patch your systems", "use different passwords for each system", "perform threat modeling") have a much greater impact on the everyday life of an administrator or developer than a simple "don't click on attachments" or "lock your office". Participants need to understand the significance and realize that their own changed behavior is fundamentally important.
Illustration of how a LAB works

One-day "hands-on" workshops with LAB environment for practical hacking exercises work really well here. However, they quickly become very expensive and are almost unaffordable in organizations distributed worldwide.

E-Learning courses remove this limitation. They can be conducted very cost-efficiently worldwide, independent of time and location. However, pure e-learning courses lack the practical part and the coach who can also tell some inside stories.

Graphic illustration of a Cyber-Security-LAB

Our Cyber Security LAB e-learning courses combine the best of these worlds: the cost efficiency and flexibility of an e-learning course with the high personal involvement and learning success of a "hands-on" classroom event.