Because we effectively and measurably change behavior. Because we sustainably increase the security of our customers. Because awareness is more than a phishing simulation. And because we really know what we're talking about.

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500+ customers cannot be wrong

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Really good content

What's the difference between a good e-learning, video tutorial or webinar and a bad one? It's the storyboard and the key messages. If the foundation isn't good, the rest can't be, either.

Get to the point!

Storyboard and key messages are probably our greatest strengths. We focus on what's important, always asking ourselves "why do I need to know this as a learner?", throwing out unnecessary techno-bubble and shop talk, and getting to the point quickly with a simple, easy-to-understand "call to action". Participants love our content for this and regularly give us excellent feedback.

Unrestricted demo area awareness

Real qualification

Phishing simulations and e-learning nuggets alone cannot successfully create awareness, even though many vendors claim that they do 🙂.

  • How do managers understand their special role as role models, information owners and multipliers?
  • What about particularly important target groups such as administrators, developers or super users with application responsibility?
  • How do you address all other risks, such as social engineering, physical security, private endpoints, public cloud services, home office, identity & access management or ISMS?
  • How do you simplify security-conscious behavior in everyday life? What other solutions do you offer besides a "Report Phishing Button"?
  • How do you reach people on the shop floor or at the point of sale in stores and markets?

We take a holistic approach to security awareness and have answers to all these questions. Phishing and e-learning? We also offer that, of course.

Perfectly orchestrated initiatives

Sustainable security awareness is best achieved through a well-coordinated mix of initiatives: Phishing simulations, live hacking, management pitches, e-learning, intranet portals, apps and more. 

Here are some examples of award-winning IS-FOX campaigns: Amadeus and Lanxess.

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Domain specialist and multimedia agency in one

A successful communications mix requires specialist expertise, marketing know-how and didactic understanding.
We provide all of this from a single source. The big advantage: no miscommunication through whispered mail, no expensive measures that may be fancy but simply don't change behavior. No multiple contact persons that have to be briefed and orchestrated. Instead, effective, coordinated measures that lead to measurably increased security.
Illustration of the core competencies of HvS-Consulting

Consulting DNA

Consulting is part of our name (IS-FOX is the awareness brand of HvS-Consulting) for a reason and cyber security, data protection, compliance or BCM are deep in our DNA.

  • We are auditors for IS270xx, ISO20000 KRITIS and qualified APT response service provider of the BSI.
  • We do not sell, we advise - with a lot of experience and pragmatism.
  • We are partners at eye level and say if we don't like an idea.
This illustration shows a Information Security Management Systeme with KRITIS, TISAX and ISO 270001

Security made in Germany

As a Bavarian security company, we pay attention to "think global - act local".

  • All customer systems with personal data are operated in German data centers, and naturally ISO27001 certified.
  • We are aligned with ISO27001 and hold the TISAX® label.
  • We train ourselves, educate ourselves, like to phish ourselves (with a lot of fun and finesse 😁), have a Secure Software Development Lifecycle and regularly perform assessments and pentest on our own infrastructure.
This illustration shows the HvS self-description with a beating heart