IS-FOX Encrypt E-Mail Encryption

Development has been discontinued

The development of IS-FOX Encrypt has been discontinued

We have discontinued the development of IS-FOX Encrypt at the end of 2020. Our original plan to make the software open source in H2 2021 unfortunately fell through. Besides many minor complications that we did not consider at the beginning, one main reason is that the software is partly based on commercial development products that we are not allowed to make freely available, but without those products the software cannot be further developed.

What does this mean for IS-FOX Encrypt customers?

We will provide a final, license-free version of IS-FOX Encrypt in Q4 2021 and will discontinue our services and support on 12/31/2021. Currently installed versions will therefore no longer be able to encrypt as of 01/01/2022, because license servers and SMS dispatching will no longer be accessible.

The license-free version of IS-FOX Encrypt can still be used without any warranty and support, theoretically even for years. Only the SMS dispatching will no longer work from 01/01/2022. However, no software bugs or security vulneralbilities will be fixed after 01/01/2022. As a cyber security company, we therefore advise all customers to switch to another software provider. Unfortunately, we cannot make any recommendations here.