Customised Security Training for Your Learning Management System

Do you already have a learning management system (LMS)? Are you looking for professional training modules on security awareness and data protection that you can integrate into your learning platform? Then IS-FOX E-Learning Modules on information security and data protection are the right choice for you. We also offer the IS-FOX Complete Learning System for companies without their own LMS.



The content is compiled by security-awareness specialists and has proved itself with clients over many years.



We support the international e-learning standards SCORM und AICC and are compatible with virtually all learning management systems.



With or without a speaker, as standard training or "Security Express": content and design are tailored to your needs.

The IS-FOX E-Learning Modules on Information Security or Data Protection

Information Security

Information Security

How to recognize phishing e-mails and what is social engineering? How to create a secure password? All these and many other topics are taught in our training on Information Security.

Data Protection

Data Protection

What to look for in Data Protection? What is the new EU Regulation? Our brandnew Data Protection training covers all important aspects that are relevant to users.

IS-FOX E-Learning Modules – the details

  • We supply your security-awareness or data-protection training programme as finished SCORM-Standard modules. It is compatible with almost all e-learning platforms. Your learning management system takes care of learning management and success monitoring.
  • We compile our SCORM training modules with the authoring tool of a leading international supplier. This guarantees both straightforward internationalisation in various languages and continuous further development according to the state of the art.
  • The modules are offered in Flash format or HTML5. Participants need only a modern web browser to take part. Modules can also be completed on tablets.

IS-FOX E-Learning Modules are based on best practices that have been tried and tested over many years and are generally offered in two alternative learning formats:

Traditional learning format

The traditional web-based training programme is divided into individual chapters, each lasting 5-10 minutes. Each chapter includes:

  • an educational video and normally accompanied by a relevant interactive exercise
  • supplementary, customised company content with concrete tips for everyday life
  • a test with multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter.

The result is a web-based training session lasting 40-60 minutes.
Thanks to a high level of standardisation, we can offer a modern, multi-medial and at the same time very cost-efficient SCORM e-learning session that is tailored to your individual needs, both in terms of layout and key content.

The following elements are customised in the standard version: 

  • We design the layout in line with your corporate design specifications.
  • Videos are tagged with your corporate or campaign logo.
  • We adapt interactive exercises to your security guidelines.
  • Supplementary texts and concrete tips are tailored to your individual security solutions (e.g. e-mail encryption, file exchange, mobile devices, etc.).

The educational videos and interactive exercises can also be used outside of the training course in other channels (see the next section on "Multi-channel: one content – many channels").

"Security Express" learning format

The Security Express learning format is also divided into chapters, but participants determine the length of the web-based training session themselves:

  • The mandatory section of each chapter comprises 2-4 minutes of multi-medial learning content. This reduces the learning time in the overall training session to around 20 minutes.
  • The Security Express format is often too heavily condensed for beginners. They'd like to see things explained in more detail and receive answers to questions such as: "Why is that? Why isn't security and data protection easier?” In addition, this target group can call up the "Security Plus" section at the end of each chapter. It offers educational videos, interactive exercises and instructions, e.g. on e-mail encryption or how to use a password safe.
  • The test is a separate chapter and can be taken without looking through the content. This is particularly interesting for e-learning courses that must be repeated mandatorily every year.

The module design gives rise to three separate interaction paths in the training programme:

  • Beginners visit Security Express and the content in Security Plus before taking the test. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.
  • Advanced users only work through Security Express and then take the test. Duration: approx. 20-25 minutes.
  • Depending on their current level of expertise, those repeating the course each year can go straight to the test. Duration: 5-7 minutes.

We agree the Security Express content on a client-by-client basis. We then prepare the training course using speakers in a sound studio and animation. The content of the Security Plus sections can also be used outside of the training course in other channels can also be used outside of training sessions in other channels (see the next section on "Multi-channel: One Content – Many Channels").

Additional content and learning formats

We develop additional, customised learning formats for you on request, for example:

  • Customised training modules with speaker and suitable animation.
  • Customised and client-specific videos and exercises.

IS-FOX content is developed on a modular basis. You can re-use them many times in different communication channels. This ensures optimal investment protection for you:

Educational videos

The educational videos in the E-Learning Modules can also be

Using HTML5 means that most of the exercises are also compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets.

E-Learning broken down = Mini E-learning

You can break down a complete E-Learning course into individual modules comprising educational videos plus exercise: Your finished Mini E-Learning-units can also be published in the security portal of your intranet.

Administrators are an extremely important link in your company's security chain. How they behave can significantly strengthen or weaken company security. The course content for administrators is compiled by technical security experts and continuously enhanced to take account of new risks and protection measures. The following topics are covered:

Why is this training course necessary?

  • Current threat situation: cyber attacks using advanced persistent threats
  • The security strategy: "assume compromise"
  • The administrator's roles in this strategy

Hardening and patching

  • Typical gateways for hackers
  • Hardening
  • Patch management
  • Vulnerability management

Operating securely

  • Using tools from third-party providers
  • Role-based access to systems
  • The principle of least privileges
  • The risks of RDP administration
  • The administrator as intrusion detector

 E-Mail and Internet

  • Advanced phishing for administrators
  • Social engineering
  • Using cloud services
  • E-mail forwarding

Mobile devices

  • The risks of jailbreaks and rooting
  • Using unknown devices in the company network
  • Sharing large files

Passwords for privileged accounts

  • Purpose and benefit of passwords with 15 or more characters
  • Different passwords for each system
  • Using Managed Service Accounts

Social networks

  • Posting messages in communities and forums
  • References in IT

Emergency processes

  • Incident-response processes
  • Correct behaviour in the event of hacker attacks
  • Emergency contacts

Do you have a specific training topic in mind but have not yet discovered the right e-learning module for it? We have already compiled additional content for clients on the theme of Risk & Compliance and packaged it in attractive e-learning modules:

  • Code-of-conduct training for suppliers
  • Compliance and anti-corruption training
  • Security training for business travel and employees based abroad (expats)

Talk to us about your needs and what we can do for you.

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