In a Nutshell: the SecurityINFO App

Take the latest cyber-security topics to where your employees will read them: on their smartphones! Whether on the train, in the waiting room, at the airport gate or bus stop, the SecurityINFO App provides your employees with the latest information-security news on a regular basis and maintains a high level of security awareness.



The latest cyber-security content for your employees: brief, up-to-date and easy to grasp. No foreign words. Practical tips given.

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Draft your own notifications and send them via push message on the app – only to your own employees, of course.



Regular security news benefits users and maintains a high level of security awareness.

The IS-FOX SecurityINFO App is available for free in the following app stores:

Apple Store      Google Play Store      Windows Store

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Premium Content and Functions with IS-FOX Security-Awareness Content

Combine the SecurityINFO App with a subscription to IS-FOX Security Awareness Content and receive a regular flow of relevant, security-related content for users. You can keep your employees up to date on security issues and create long-term security awareness. Your employees only need to sign up for the SecurityINFO App using their work e-mail address. They then receive tailored content for your company.

You can also use the security-related content in newsletters or intranet messages.

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IS-FOX Security Awareness Content provides you with a regular flow of the latest news, for example on the following themes:

  • Information security in the private sphere
  • Data protection in the company and private sphere
  • Data encryption
  • Recognising phishing in the professional and private sphere

We filter news on the basis of relevance and compile a brief message for users that avoids foreign words and gives a clear call for action. We deliberately integrate tips and information for private use in order to achieve the highest acceptance level possible.

Subscribers to IS-FOX Security Awareness Content receive considerably more security announcements – in German and English – than are available in the free IS-FOX SecurityINFO App.

We develop security content not only for your smartphone but also for your intranet or newsletter: you will also find all notifications in a Word format in the download area of the IS-FOX Web Portal.

You can develop your own security notifications in the SecurityINFO Web Portal and share them with your employees via the SecurityINFO App. These notifications may include, for example:

  • warnings against current spear-phishing attacks on your company,
  • new corporate policies, or
  • the introduction of an encryption solution.

The SecurityINFO Web Portal allows you, as a security officer, to choose whether you want to share notifications with employees immediately via the SecurityINFO App or whether you want to check the security message first and possibly amend it before releasing it.

An annual subscription gives you access to IS-FOX Security Awareness Content. No automatic renewal or hidden clauses.

More information? Trial access to the SecurityINFO Web Portal?

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