Easy and secure exchange of large files

German cloud service with flexible billing based on data volume

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Good reasons for data exchange with IS-FOX FileXchange

This icon shows that no software installation is necessary
No software installation
No software installation (neither client nor server) is required. You will only receive an electronic certificate for access. Users simply access the IS-FOX FileXchange website through their web browser.
This icon shows that everything is easy to use
Super-simple handling
The touch-capable user interface is self-explanatory. One function = one click. No user administration or password login. Whoever has installed the certificate can upload data or generate upload links for third parties. Recipients only need a browser device.
Icon for data protection according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation
According to GDPR in German DC
The service runs in an ISO-27001-certified data center in Munich, of course in compliance with GDPR. The transfer data is stored in encrypted form, on request with your own security code. The data is not backuped and is automatically deleted once the link expires.
Dieses Icon zeigt, dass sichere Systeme verwendet werden
On secure systems
The IS-FOX FileXchange Server is located in an ISO-27001 certified data center. The systems are hardened by professionals and tested for vulnerabilities (by penetration tests). Links can not be guessed. All files are checked for viruses during upload. Up- and download are SSL-encrypted (via HTTPS).
Icon for user licenses
No expensive user licenses
The Cloud Service is calculated according to data volume (upload to the FileXchange Server), because this is what finally causes the costs (storage space, network, processor load, etc.) So you only pay for actual usage and can cancel at any time after three months.
Icon for price fairness
With attractive pricing
You simply choose the volume package that suits you best, for example 10 GB/month for 39 EUR, 25 GB/month for 79 EUR, 50 GB/month for 99 EUR. This allows even 200 users to use the service for 39 EUR per month.

FileXchange FAQs

Technology and basic settings

No. The data is uploaded to FileXchange exclusively for the purpose of the transfer. The "original files" always remain with the sender, so no backup is required.

The certificate is always needed when you want to initiate a transfer on the FileXchange, i.e.

  • Provide files to a third party by uploading files and creating a download link.
  • Creates an upload link that third parties can use to upload files to the FileXchange.

The certificate is not required by these "third parties". They can perform the corresponding actions (downloading provided files or uploading to a provided upload container) without any restrictions.

Yes. Basically, the link is generated via a random generator and cannot be guessed. But everyone who has the link can download during the validity period. The creator can activate additional security settings.

  • He can enter a security code. The key to decrypt the files is additionally encrypted with this code. Without this code nobody can download or access the files. Not even our administrators.
  • When transferring to an individual recipient, the creator can activate the checkbox "Delete after first download". The files will then be deleted immediately after the first download and cannot be downloaded by any other person. 

Yes, you can choose the tile colors from different color schemes in the administration portal. On request, we can insert your company logo instead of the FileXchange logo.


Unfortunately no.

Yes, via the administration portal.

User settings

Yes via two ways:

  1. He considers already when creating the link and ticks the checkbox "delete after first download". Then all files of the link are deleted automatically after the first download.
  2. He has not ticked the box, but still wants to make the link unusable. On the top right there is the menu item "Delete link" (the trash can). The creator of the link (only the creator) can enter the link, receives a confirmation code to his e-mail address and can use this code to initiate the immediate and final deletion of the link and all associated files. 


  • The creator can delete his links and related files manually.
  • The creator can extend the duration of a link he created as long as the link has not expired. If the link has already expired, the files are already deleted. In this case he would have to upload them again.

The creator cannot display a list of all his current links. FileXchange is designed for pure file exchange, not as a collaboration platform. 

Transfer volume and statistics

Yes, the FileXchange administrator will receive appropriate emails.

Yes, as a FileXchange administrator in the Administration Portal.

Yes, it is possible.

Technically nothing. You and your users can continue to work. We are also tolerant in the case of occasional outliers. However, if you permanently exceed the volume, we will charge you for the additional GB and recommend that you switch to the next larger volume scale, because it is cheaper for you.

Yes, the FileXchange administrator can download the statistics as an Excel file in the Administration Portal.

  • The link and the validity period
  • The respective user, anonymized for data protection reasons (user 1, user 2).
  • The name of the file(s), masked for data protection reasons. Only the first 2 characters and the file extension are shown (calculation2022.xlsx becomes ca__.xlsx).
  • The size of the file(s)
  • The date of link creation (upload of the files)
  • The date of a download

No. Anyone who has the link during the validity period can download (unless additional security settings have been activated). The statistics record that and when it was downloaded, but not by whom.