Occasional IT Security Training

The best way for people to remember what they've learned is to put it into practice. We combine videos with interactive exercises and you receive a concise web-based mini-training module on information-security or data-protection themes.

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To the point

Topics such as phishing, passwords, social engineering or information classification are taught and learned in 7-10 minutes.


Short and concise

A brief educational video and one or two interactive exercises is all you need – and your employees will love it!



Mini E-Learning modules create long-term security awareness – for example as part of a campaign or in your internal security portal.

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IS-FOX Mini E-Learning Modules – the Facts

Short, Exciting Units for Optimal Learning Success

The video conveys the key points of a particularly security theme in 2-4 minutes. These points are then immediately repeated and embedded by putting them into practice in interactive exercises.

In line with traditional learning pyramids, this is the best way to impart knowledge, as people remember:

  • 10% of what they read,
  • 20% of what they hear,
  • 30% of what they see,
  • 50% of what they see and hear, and
  • 90% of what they do themselves.
  • Mini E-Learning units are delivered as finished modules that are easy to make available on your intranet site via a link.
  • Participants need only a modern web browser that supports Flash or HTML5.
  • As all Mini E-Learning units support the SCORM-standard, you can also choose to offer the modules via your learning management system.
  • The content of the Videos and exercises can be tailored to your specific corporate needs if necessary.
  • All Mini E-Learning modules are available in German and English as standard. You can also request other language versions. We have already prepared Mini E-learning units for customers in the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Danish, Chinese and Japanese.

You can currently order the following IS-FOX Mini E-Learning modules:

Information security

  • Recognising phishing and protecting yourself against it.
  • Secure management of passwords.
  • Classifying information and handling it correctly.
  • Recognising and protecting yourself against social-engineering attacks.
  • Security-conscious behaviour at work.
  • Mobile working / travelling
  • President scam: when attackers pretend to be managers.
  • Safe handling of social media
  • President Scam: When attackers pose as managers.
  • Virus scanner and dangerous file extensions

Data protection

  • Personal data
  • Data minimization
  • Data processing agreement
  • Classification of personal data

Do you need another topic? Talk to us about it. We can put together a customised Mini E-Learning module for you.

The Mini E-Learning modules are best suited to security-awareness campaigns with several phases:

  • Every quarter, you focus on a new topic accompanied by a Mini E-Learning module on the intranet.
  • Over the course of the campaign, you develop an attractive security portal on the intranet.
  • Even after the campaign, this portal remains the central knowledge platform for existing and new employees.
  • The security portal remains up-to-date with news and new educational videos.

IS-FOX content is developed on a modular basis. It can be re-used many times and in different communication channels. This ensures optimal investment protection for you:

Educational videos

You can :

Using HTML5 means that most of the exercises are also compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets.

Mini E-Learning + Mini E-Learning = E-Learning

You can join individual modules together at any time in order to supplement existing content or add a test and navigation. Your complete multi-media E-Learning programme is in a SCORM format.

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