The Complete E-Learning System on
Information Security and General Data Protection Regulation

IS-FOX E-Learning is a complete online platform including course content. It is particularly suited to companies that currently have no Learning Management System (LMS). Small and medium-sized companies have been using IS-FOX E-Learning to teach employees about information security and data protection for more than 10 years: in a practical manner, cost-effectively and sustainably. We offer the IS-FOX E-Learning Modules in a SCORM-Format for companies with an existing LMS.


Complete E-Learning System

IS-FOX E-Learning is a browser-based learning platform either within the client's own operation or as a cloud service.


Professional content

Choose from numerous modules on information security and data protection, including videos and exercises.


Customise modules yourself

Adapt existing content to the needs of your company or compile new training modules with no programming effort required.

The Complete IS-FOX E-Learning System on Information Security
or Data Protection


Information Security

How to recognize phishing e-mails and what is social engineering? How to create a secure password? All these and many other topics are taught in our training on Information Security.

Data Protection

Data Protection

What to look for in Data Protection? What is the new EU Regulation? Our brandnew Data Protection training covers all important aspects that are relevant to users.

The IS-FOX Complete E-Learning System in Detail

IS-FOX E-Learning is a complete learning platform with content covering information security and data protection.
The cost-effective e-learning platform is particularly suited to small and medium-sized companies that currently have no learning management system (LMS).

IS-FOX E-Learning offers you:

  • a web-based online platform to provide content.
  • an easy-to-use authoring tool to compile and adapt content.
  • an integrated user-management system: participants can choose to create their own user name. Or they will be automatically identified via their Windows ID.
  • a test module with multiple-choice questions and points-based assessment. The questions can be compiled and changed as necessary in the authoring tool.
  • a certificate generator to compile personalised confirmation-of-participation documents in a PDF format.
  • statistics to evaluate participation in Microsoft Excel.
  • a Multi-Instances Manager you can use to provide several courses with different content.

If your company already uses a learning management system, you should have a look at our IS-FOX E-Learning Modules for the SCORM format.

Own operation or cloud service

  • You can use IS-FOX E-Learning as a cloud service and virtually start immediately. The server for the cloud service is in Germany and is therefore subject to German data-protection legislation.
  • Participants need only a web browser that supports Flash or HTML5 (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox).
  • You can also operate IS-FOX E-Learning in your own computer centre. It is very simple to install and operate. The software is based on the latest Microsoft.NET and SQL Server technology.

Other languages? Different target groups? No problem!

  • IS-FOX E-Learning is multilingual: the content and navigation are in German and English. We can expand the training course to include additional languages on request, or you can do it yourself.
  • The Multi-Instances Manager allows you to compile different versions for individual target groups on the push of a button (e.g. administrators, managers, trainees, etc.) or with other content (IT security, data protection, compliance, code of conduct, etc.).

The modern editor system allows you to enhance and adapt the IS-FOX E-Learning System yourself:

  • You style the training course in your own corporate design. This increases acceptance among employees.
  • The integrated WYSIWYG editor allows you, as a security officer or training manager, to adjust individual content easily to you corporate needs or guidelines – without any programming knowledge. We are of course happy to support you if necessary.
  • You can integrate individual, company-relevant themes easily – for example about IT security, data protection or compliance.

IS-FOX E-learning links the imparting of knowledge with infotainment:

  • Observational learning: the training content for information security and data protection is exciting and designed to be entertaining – including with various videos. The educational videos teach complex content in a lively style while the IS-FOX videos show the correct way to behave in everyday situations. Observational learning means that your employees remember these behaviour patterns and recall them in real situations.
  • You can enhance IS-FOX security-awareness training with additional IS-FOX video clips and education videos on information security and data protection at any time. We are also happy to help you compile customised videos / tutorials.
  • Smart through practice: IS-FOX E-Learning is a interactive course and comes supplied with several exercises as standard. Practical training for everyday security-relevant situations means that your employees remember the content they have learned.

IS-FOX E-Learning teaches more than the obligatory basics of information security and data protection:

  • Participants can call up supplementary background information from drop-down menus, for example on topics such as: "What is a Trojan?" or "How does phishing actually work?"
  • All content is easy to understand and entertaining. We deliberately avoid foreign words.
  • The training courses include numerous tips for private use, for example on how to behave in social networks or virus scanners for home PCs. This has a considerable impact on how well training courses are received.

The IS-FOX Complete E-learning System is characterised by efficiency:

  • Low-cost IT security training.
  • Satisfaction of all compliance requirements, verified by certificates.
  • You can adjust content for specific target groups – for example for employees, managers, administrators or your sales force.

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