Awareness Guaranteed: Classroom Training for Information Security

Nothing creates awareness among your employees and managers as effectively as face-to-face training and lectures:

  • Whoever has seen a Trojan tool-kit live is better able to assess the risk of manipulated e-mails and USB sticks.
  • Whoever has seen how quickly a password can be cracked no longer questions the company's password guidelines.
  • Whoever has seen a forged e-mail in his or her name will check the sender far more closely in future.

Stimulate concern

Demos and practical examples from Social Engineering Assessments, spiced with a pinch of entertainment, create personal involvement.

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Create understanding

Measures and guidelines are understood and accepted as reasonable. Security is seen in a positive light.

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Change behaviour

Personal concern + positive attitude + knowledge of the rules = behavioural change in security-relevant situations.

Tested for Years, Continuously Improved, Only the Best Feedback

Our lecturers, speakers and trainers are exclusively information security and technical security consultants. They bring their comprehensive wealth of experience from their everyday work lives into HvS-Consulting's face-to-face training courses. Particularly their regular participation in Social Engineering Assessments as well as the execution of penetration tests guarantees a strong practical focus in the lectures.

We optimise our training courses and lectures on a continuous basis. They follow a clearly structured, didactic concept:

"Stimulate concern → impart knowledge → call to action".

The training sessions are also intended to benefit participants both at work and in their private lives. It is for these reasons that we have received only top marks over the course of more than 10 years, and with over 1,000 training sessions, lectures and events under our belt:

Training statistics

Security Awareness for Managers, Employees and IT Staff

Face-to-face training events deliver the best results when creating awareness of information security and data protection among employees. Our courses avoid technical jargon and explain cyber-risks with demos and video clips that are both impressive and easy to understand. Participants learn that your security rules are reasonable and that security-conscious behaviour must become standard in everyday business. Information security and data protection are presented in a positive light, which creates the foundation for behavioural change.

"The right way to behave" is better than "what is forbidden".

The focus of our training courses is on concrete tips for correct, security-conscious behaviour in everyday life rather than explanations of security guidelines.

  • How can I recognise and defend myself against phishing?
  • How can I share large files with external parties securely?
  • How can I encrypt e-mails?
  • Which cloud services am I allowed to use?
  • Where can I store passwords?
  • Which virus scanners can I use at home?
  • Do I need a virus scanner for Apple Macintosh or Android?

We deliberately include tips on private IT use in our training courses, which again increases their benefit for participants to a considerable extent.

We give our security awareness training courses in both German and English.

Managers have a particular responsibility for information security and data protection:

  • They are "part of the family" themselves and should know and adhere to security guidelines.
  • They are disciplinary superiors and therefore act as role models.
  • They are responsible for information security in your area and therefore the identification and protection of your sensitive information.

Our training courses for managers focus in particular on these different roles and responsibilities and convey the message that corporate-wide security can only work if managers, employees and the security team work together. Live hacking and numerous practical examples in infotainment style create a relaxed but highly professional atmosphere.

The courses can be given in either German or English.

"Security is one for the boss." We have already anchored information security in the highest levels of management many times: from the CEOs of medium-sized companies to the entire board of a DAX company.

Creating awareness among top management can take place in various formats, for example:

  • A 20-45 minute presentation during a board meeting.
  • A one-hour lecture at a top-management meeting.
  • Dedicated face-to-face training for board members and company departments close to the board.

All lectures / training sessions can be given in either German or English. Our senior consultants are themselves entrepreneurs and ensure that content and communication is appropriate for management-level participants.

We have produced numerous other training courses and events in the context of security, for example:

  • Specialist training on protection against social engineering for board assistants
  • Social media courses for trainees
  • Courses on information security when travelling
  • Courses on the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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Administrators are a very important link in the security chain in many ways:

  • They have privileged rights to IT Systems and are therefore a target for attackers.
  • Their personal behaviour has a significant impact on the company's security level.
  • As IT professionals, they can recognise cyber attacks and sound the alarm.

In addition to "traditional"- security-awareness topics, our training courses for IT staff therefore also focus on:

  • Hardening and patch management
  • Roles and authorisation concepts
  • Use of privileged accounts
  • Reducing the risk of advanced persistent threats (APTs)
  • Secure software development

 HvS-Consulting gives the training sessions for administrators in both German and English.

Security Days and Live Hacking events can shake up most of the staff at a particular site in no time at all:

  • Short live demos produce sudden realisations: forging a sender, compiling a Trojan from a toolkit, simulating WLAN or cracking passwords.
  • Themes tailored specifically for target groups offer concrete support in everyday life, true to the motto: "The best way to behave in risk situations".

HvS-Consulting offers Security Days and Live Hacking events in German and English.

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