Security Training Programmes on Information Security and Data Protection

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Face-to-Face Training

Infotainment with live hacking, videos, practical examples and concrete tips for everyday life. Awareness guaranteed!

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Mini E-Learning

One video + one interactive exercise = perfect training in 5-8 minutes. Ideal for security-awareness campaigns or specific themes.

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Training modules in a SCORM format for your learning management system – for information security, data protection and security when travelling.

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Complete System

If you don't already have an e-learning system, IS-FOX E-learning offers a browser-based platform with professional content.

Which Security Training Programme for Which Purpose?

Good face-to-face training events with infotainment and demos are still the gold standard when it comes to awareness-creation measures.

  • Live demos generate a high level of personal concern.
  • Direct feedback from participants facilitates interaction.
  • Many sensitive topics are best handled in person by an experienced information-security expert.

When should you use Face-to-Face Training?

  • Face-to-face training is virtually a must for top management and managers. It is difficult to convey their responsibility for information security in an e-learning format.
  • Also ideal for employees, so long as the costs for trainers and travel time are within reason.

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Mini E-Learning means small learning units on the theme of information security and data protection. They consist of an educational video and an interactive exercise.

  • The learning units are modern and attractive in design.
  • A topic is taught in 7-10 minutes.
  • The video + exercise combination achieves the highest level of learning success.

When can you use IS-FOX Mini E-Learning units?

  • If you want to develop an attractive security portal on the intranet.
  • If you want to transmit security awareness in phases, over months and years.
  • If you are unable or don't wish to use a comprehensive e-learning programme, for organisational or political reasons.

Investment protection

All Mini E-Learning units are SCORM modules. They can be expanded at any time into a comprehensive e-learning module covering all aspects of security training.

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IS-FOX E-Learning Modules are complete online information-security courses in a SCORM format:

  • You receive SCORM modules in a modern, attractive design.
  • There are lots of multimedia components available (speaker, animation, videos, exercises, etc.).
  • The SCORM modules work with almost all learning management systems (LMS) thanks to the international interfaces SCORM and AICC.

When should you use IS-FOX E-Learning Modules?

  • If your company uses an e-learning platform (learning management system) that is managed by a training / further training department.
  • If you want to train employees and managers on a long-term basis.
  • If your organisation is spread over many locations in lots of regions.

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IS-FOX E-Learning is a web-based online-platform for efficient trainings on information security and data protection. The Complete System combines a platform with professional, security-themed content:

  • It includes a test module with multiple-choice questions and participation certificates.
  • It has a statistics area to evaluate participation in Microsoft Excel.
  • Clients can process existing content themselves with an editing program.
  • Participants need only a web browser to take part in security or data-protection training.

When should you use the IS-FOX Complete E-Learning System?

  • If you want to train your employees and managers on a long-term basis.
  • If your organisation is spread over many locations in lots of regions.
  • If your company does not yet use an e-learning platform (learning management system).

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