IS-FOX Classification

Development has been discontinued

The development of IS-FOX Classification has been discontinued

We have discontinued the development of IS-FOX Classification at the end of 2020. Our original plan to make the software open source in H2 2021 unfortunately fell through. Besides many minor complications that we did not consider at the beginning, one main reason is that the software is partly based on commercial development products that we are not allowed to make freely available, but without those products the software cannot be further developed.


What does this mean for IS-FOX Classification customers

As planned, we will discontinue our services and support on 31.12.2021. Currently installed versions will continue to run, only the SMS dispatch in the IS-FOX Encrypt module will no longer work as of 01.01.2022.

However, no software bugs or security vulnerabilities will be fixed after 01.01.2022 either. As a cyber security company, we must therefore advise you to switch to a different software. Most of our customers are migrating towards Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP). 

Migration to Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Microsoft Azure offers migration of other classification solutions to AIP:

Prerequisites are:

  1. The Azure Information Protection unified labeling client for Windows is installed on the endpoints (additional desktop app to be installed, about 180 MB).
  2. Some Advanced Settings via Office 365 Security & Compliance Center PowerShell
  3. Documents are opened with a desktop app

Source: Migrate labels from Secure Islands and other labeling solutions

This feature reads classes from other classification solutions (like IS-FOX) from the Custom Properties and migrates them to AIP Sensitivity Labels when the file is opened from a desktop app.

Since IS-FOX in Word, Excel and PowerPoint also stores the classification (like Microsoft) in the custom.xlm of the document, the migration is easy. We have successfully tested this feature. The classes in HvS are:

  • Public
  • Restricted
  • Confidential
  • Strictly Confidential

Accordingly, the commands for the Security & Compliance Center PowerShell are as follows:

Set-Label -Identity Public -AdvancedSettings @{labelByCustomProperties="ISFOX
Classification Public,ISFOXClassification,Public"}

Set-Label -Identity Restricted -AdvancedSettings @{labelByCustomProperties="ISFOX
Classification Restricted,ISFOXClassification,Restricted"}

Set-Label -Identity Confidential -AdvancedSettings @{labelByCustomProperties="ISFOX
Classification Confidential,ISFOXClassification,Confidential"}

Set-Label -Identity "Strictly Confidential" -AdvancedSettings
@{labelByCustomProperties="ISFOX Classification Strictly confidential,ISFOXClassification,Strictly

As soon as a document classified with IS-FOX Classification is opened on a PC with installed Unified Labelling Client, the class is automatically transferred to AIP.

Source: Remove headers and footers from other labeling solutions

This feature is intended to remove label texts from other classification solutions (such as IS-FOX) from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, it is warned that this function can limit the performance of the apps.