Security check for suspicious e-mails

In-depth analysis for phishing and viruses at the touch of a button. With direct feedback to the user.

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Everyone says: Report suspicious e-mails! But where to?

  • To the helpdesk? What does the helpdesk do with suspicious e-mails? Click on them themselves?
  • To the Cyber Defense Center? Such specialized departments are only available to large companies anyway, and they don't have the capacity to analyze suspicious e-mails.
  • Or to a "Report Phishing" e-mail address? Most offers on the market do not give the user any feedback or, even worse, do a quick check against a phishing database and then report "harmless" back to the user.
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Professional e-mail analysis at the push of a button

IS-FOX Email Analyzer is an 'automated security analyst'.

Users send a suspicious e-mail to our system via a 'Security Check' button in Outlook.

Each e-mail sent for analysis is registered in a ticket system, broken down into individual analysis elements (headers, links, files) and examined in detail for phishing and malware in a multi-level analysis procedure.

Users receive the results by e-mail in an easy-to-understand and clear report with recommendations for action. Your security experts receive the result in CC (optional and configurable) and can call up statistics and details on individual analyses in the Analysis Cockpit.

Graphical illustration of the analysis results

IS-FOX E-Mail Analyzer really gets going where other security checks stop!

Of course there is no such thing as 100% security and the IS-FOX Email Analyzer cannot guarantee a complete detection rate. But we analyze in a depth, which we do not know anywhere else on the market:

Blacklist - Checks
After a quick check the elements are checked against different security databases (e.g. PhishTank or Google Safe Browsing). These are the checks that most providers of "Report Phishing" buttons stop after.
Kuenstliche Intelligenz
Artificial Intelligience
In the in-depth analysis we subject the elements to an analysis using machine learning. We determine different IOCs (Indicators of Compromise or here Indicators of Contamination) and correlate them to a threat score.
Behavioral Analysis
If still nothing conspicuous has turned up, we finally put the elements into a sandbox, execute them there under controlled conditions and analyze the actual behavior.